It's Time to Sell Those Blogs

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My Blog is For Sale
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Quick, everyone put their blog up for sale, before someone talks AOL down. Yes, yes! Content *is* king...and it's being paid a king's ransom.

From Battelle:

Nathan over at Inside Google ran the numbers on several blogs, including mine. He found that mine clocked in at just over $2.5 million.

From Inside Google

# InsideGoogle: $1,231,776
# InsideMicrosoft: $369,420
# Google Blogoscoped: $3,223,260
# Scoble: $6,990,780
# Steve Rubel: $4,290,348
# Search Engine Watch blog: $4,086,180
# Coolz0r: $219,960 (and its still a relatively new blog!)
# Randy Charles Morin ( $946,392;
#RSS blog: $225,600;
#iBLOGthere4iM: $166,944;
#AdWords blog: $15,228
# Jeremy Zawodny: $2,500,212
# Greg Linden: $752,376
# Search Engine Roundtable: $1,791,828 (quite a wedding present)

Would this now mean that the Blogger network could be valuated somewhere in the low trillions? ;) Let's hope this trend of insanity continues so all your favorite blogger buddies can cash out.


an easy blog story to sell

man I *knew* that story would spread

in fact, I already mentioned it on my blog about blogging hehehe

Saw that this morning, gotta

Saw that this morning, gotta be the stupidest thing i've ever seen, but kind of fun :)

It seems like that

It seems like that evaluation is very wrong! Did I get it all wrong or is he evaluating value based on just inbound linking? LOL

Yes. Ridiculous.

But definitely fun;) I broke my rule of posting pre-coffee, but it was too ridiculous not to post.

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