WordPress want HOW MUCH for a Text Link Ad?

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So, you reckon young Matt Mullenweg might be being a bit ambitious asking for $10,000 for 1 day sponsorship of the WP homepage? Aaron does, and so do I....


Did you see 'The Castle'?

"Tell him he's dreaming" - Darryl Kerrigan

wow ..

you can have a home page link on my blog for a £100 a day ... unless you are my mate then you get it for free .. lol


Same here...

...apart from the fact that people may be actually willing to cough up 100 pounds for a link on YOUR blog ;-)


I don't think so.. hehehe


Pud made me do it ;)

I left a comment clarifying on the linked blog. We're working on a redesign and the link isn't there any more, it was just a way to test it out without actually putting ads up.

"It was just a test" (is this mic live?)

Suuuuuure :D Heh heh, sorry, Matt, just tweaking you. I figure you haven't been tweaked enough this year, eh?


You can get a homepage ad on Yahoo! for $60,000. WordPress isn't in the same league.

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