Zunch Management Teams Walks Out

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Bill tells me that he's just heard the entire excutive management team at Zunch Communications, which includes Kevin Ryan, Giovanni Gallucci, Tony Wright, and David J. Wilkie, have walked out. Apparently they're forming a new company called Kinetic Results.

Thanks to Aaron for some of the background info!


Another Week Another Scandal

Well, Kevin's stay was short. Didn't he just join Zunch back in July?

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson


So who has the dirt as to why?

It looks like Zunch haven't

It looks like Zunch haven't updated their Management Bio page yet. I wonder how much notice they had.

We Resigned Together at the same time.

We all resigned, we were not "restructured." The press release from Zunch does not make that clear. I'm sure they will clarify that if you ask them directly.

I notice TheAgencyBlog

nor indeed Zunch never mentioned if any of the clients were part of the restructure. By the way, I thought your blog post was extremely well resrained.

I got some contacts at

I got some contacts at Zunch. I'll ask for the skinny :D

This comes straight from the inside

"Several members of the team presented John with an ultimatum in which they demanded an equal stake in the company. John did not accept their offer and promptly accepted their resignations."

Sounds more like a well planned exit. Stage a meating with your higher up. Make an offer you know he'll refuse, resign, leak the info to the news, then turn on your new site LOL.

*golf clap for the PR stunt lol

golf clap for the PR stunt ?

Well, hopefully there is a little more than just what you posted...Right now it sounds like an Owner worked his a@@ off to build a company, others came in after the forest was cut down and then tried to take it over.

Not sure I would want to do business with anyone who operates that way.

*golf clap for the PR stunt

*golf clap for the PR stunt lol

refering to the crew that walked out and how they have a website up. Not to Zunch...

I can assure you there is more to this story

Rest assured there is more to this story than the staff at Zunch is being led to believe. We'd love to tell the whole story, but you know those pesky lawyers...Let's just say that the story is much larger than this and management left because we needed to. Five people don't just give up their livlihood and their friends at a company in order to take control unless it's completely necessary. Hopefully we can all move on from this soon, wherever we all respectively end up.

Good Luck you guys.

Good Luck you guys.

unless its necessary..

... to launch your new company that is

One thing I can say...

Two weeks ago I had no desire to start my own company.


doesn't really matter at the end of the day, just an easy shot to take. If you can't talk about it then don't. Addressing it with "hints" is pointless and unbecoming.

best of luck to all of you.

Well said, webprofessor.

Well said, webprofessor.

Thanks Webprofessor

I'll just shut up now. It's too easy to get emotional. Thank you all for your kind words.

Best of luck !

Best of luck !

Zunch News

A friend internally at Zunch has leaked some news about events at the firm on Friday. They are not going public themselves about this issue. I don't want to give any details because I don't want to start a firestorm based upon one person's comments. Anyone have any news on this? If anyone has access to the staff at Zunch, give us some info about what did or didn't happen on Friday at Zunch...

False Alarm

Turns out the Friday issue was at least partially resolved on Saturday. Obviously, the situation internally at the firm is tense. The rumors are rampant and they seem to be chasing their own tails over there. Each day brings a new scandal or rumor and the team is feeling fatigue and great stress from the whole ordeal. A few of them are actively looking for other jobs as relief and at least one client recently inquired about being allowed to cancel their contract and receiving a refund for services. We wish them all the best in getting through these challenging times.

Yet you are insider?

And your name is Zunchinsider because...?


Who are Zunch and why should I care? :O) I had never heard of them until this thread and I still don't know why anyone needs to know .. surely people walk out from companies all the time?

Legends in their own long lunchbreaks

chrisgarrett, perhaps we're just too busy running our boring businesses to realise that there is an exciting and, damn it, vibrant SEM industry out there where people beyond our ken are being arrested for (allegedly) making drugs and (allegedly) defrauding relatives, where government agencies are (allegedly) swooping on SEO offices, and where company staff are (allegedly) leaving for new jobs. (Surely some mistake here? Ed.)

Yet you are the Jill?

Because I have access to the inside of the company. I wasn't going to drop the news I had w/o finding out if anyone could verify it first. I wanted to be fair and not "start" something I couldn't verify.

Now it's your turn...

And your name is Jill because...?

No, sorry that just doesnt

No, sorry that just doesnt work. Her name is Jill becuase that's her name. You come in here with a fresh free email address for the purpose and expect us to beleive that you're on the inside of a company noone here really cares much about anyway without any kind of verification?

It was fun whilst it lasted, but you can either reregister with a more grown up name or leave it where it stands.

We dont' stand for Google prancing around with madeup, unaccountable names and we'll not do it with you either.

So, what you're saying,

So, what you're saying, Nick, is that he shouldn't re-register with ZunchGuy?

Thanks for squelching the least interesting self-aggrandizing drama of the week.

A few of them are actively looking for other jobs as relief

An unfortunate situation indeed. Even though Zunch is a competitor of ours, it's just ridiculous to have to go through what they appear to be dealing with and for the reasons they are.

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