WigiWigi Video Phone Looks Promising

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Skype Journal
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It seems like there is a good videoconferencing program to use with Skype. WigiWigi is a small application that works with any instant messaging client.

This amazing program is only 400 KB in size. That is less than half the size of Dialcom's Video4IM application. 10 seconds to download; 10 seconds to install and configure.

It looks quite good and I'll download it in the morning where I have a laptop with a camera as part of the lid. If anyone wants to give it a try over Skype, sticky me.

There is a guide written by the Skyper here.


Yeah, but does it work on

Yeah, but does it work on the Mac too? I have a PC - my parents have a Mac and I need to video chat from across the atlantic!

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