Open Source Marketing, Listenomics?

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Bob Garfield over at AdAge write a pretty comprehensive overview of OS marketing and it's impact on brands. If you're not fully up to speed with current thinking on marketing in a participatory age then it's a damn good primer. If you are up to speed, it's still a fine read.

Yeah, yeah. Sure. Linux. Zzzzz. Wikipedia. Zzzzz. Blogging. Podcasting. RSS feeds. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. This cultish open-source stuff is undeniably a snooze -- a handful of evangelistic cybergeeks yammering on till little beads of white goo form at the corners of their mouths, as you struggle to remain conscious. If you can’t get jazzed by “Open Source Revolution,” fine. Maybe you prefer “Reverse Flow Economy,” or “Listenomics.” Whatever. Any which way, the herd will be heard. And, any which way, it is underway.

It's filled with a bunch of high profile examples aswell, certainly food for thought...


Did you mean: LUSTCOMICS

Nick - type LISTENOMICS into G

Did you mean: LUSTCOMICS
No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found.
Your search - LISTENOMICS - did not match any documents.

heheh! Lovely :)


Lovely :)

Sure looks like Adage, as an

Sure looks like Adage, as an organisation, have got this concept of 'marketing in a participatory age' down pat haven't they!!

So first of all - before you can read the article - you have register, and tell Adage your:

E-mail Address:
Job Title:
Street Address:
Suite / Floor / Apt / ML
State / Province: (U.S. and Canada only)
Zip / Postal Code:
Address Type : Business Home
Type of Business:
I currently subscribe to Advertising Age Yes No
Phone*: (example: 212-111-2222)
(* optional)

Then you get to tell them what flavour Spam you prefer, check a few boxes, and then, finally, you can, well, 'participate'.

Yep - these Adage guys have a firm grip on 'marketing in a participatory age'....

I presume he's a guest

I presume he's a guest writer - cos you're right, AdAge SUCKS big time - they're still in the whole email marketing thing aswell...

Email marketing

Isn't dead

No, but using it to alert

No, but using it to alert readers to new content is somewhat lame...

Surely it depends

If your site is a blog about blogging then sure, RSS all the way. If you deal with the rest of the population then you need to alert your readership in a way they understand and can access. That would be email?

I agree, which is why i do

I agree, which is why i do both - so do they, but you have to hunt for that rss link - they'd rather you were on the email list...

and requireing all of the

and requireing all of the above, as Chris said, is just fucking lamer than a lame thing from lamingdon


Not a great idea from a supposedly savvy company to put so many barriers to opting in before you even know if you want to or not..

glad someone else saif it

I thought maybe I was just a bit too conservative. I am definitly not giving them all that info just to read.


What a pain just to get to the article... They actually ask for a credit card immediately after filling out the registration.

By the way, if anyone from AdAge is reading you can delete Mr. Pee Hole who lives in Chicago - pepe[@] may not be interested in receiving your emails either.

I like the authentication systems they have deployed...

Yep - imagine going to all that trouble to create such a complex sign up system, to ensure that your content only gets read by proper, qualified, signed up participants.

So sign up - or bugmenot dot com


All hail Bugmenot plugin for Firefox :)

Maybe we should stop linking

Maybe we should stop linking there....

Great Article

Wow that was a great article.
Thanks for the tip Chris_D.

It was worth the trouble

I just spent over an hour reading the article and following up on sites he referenced. This guy must not like Volkswagen very much as he makes them look worse than the Gillette leadership.

got it, Nebraska

. Now what was the pw?

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