Google Fixes Adwords Phishing Vulnerability

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Coming in a bit late, but thanks to Harith, still coming in is a story about the Adwords system being vulnerable to injection attacks that's just been fixed. Seems it was spotted late last month...


How about they plug the gaps

How about they plug the gaps before they ask everyone and their mother to reorganize everything under their Google Accounts? Just a thought. More bad press for a stupid, selfish, antagonistic new policy.

Other than that, it's ok.

they just don't get it

From the tail end of the posted url:

Earlier this year a security flaw in Google's email service, Gmail, was identified and fixed. The flaw could have allowed attackers to hijack Gmail users' in-boxes.

That would be the same account you are being asked/coerced to reorganise under.

Netscape invented javascript. Google hires a bunch of Netscape engineers. But maybe the incumbent PHD's knew better during code review and qa

On reflection, were they MOZ types? In which case, all bets are off.

Everything they have released has had a security problem. Who else could survive with that kind of track record?

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