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VOIP Watch
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A bit of buzz is generating that Yahoo! and MSN will make their chat clients interoperable. TechCrunch shares some insight:

The catalyst seems to be the surge in Skype and Google Talk usage. Together MSN and Yahoo account for 44% of total IM usage today (not counting Skype and Google), and reach about 33.5 million monthly unique users.

Factor in MSN's talks with AOL, and this could be downright revolutionary.....


Be interesting to see how

Be interesting to see how they do it, if it really does happen.
Both have their own networks of other tools they are pushing with the messengers now, MSN with Spaces and Yahoo! with 360 and search boxes in both.

One solution would just be to allow MSN to connect to Yahoo! accounts, and vice versa.

Would be good though, bugs me having both running at home for different contacts :D

Yahoo Press Release

Yahoo have officially announced it here.

Saves me using one at work and the other at home.


Trillian runs them all, one interface, all your IM's in one place

i dont know what SIP is, but

i dont know what SIP is, but VOIP Watch said this:

Since both use SIP that likely also means that Voice chats between both networks is possible.

GAIM! - same as trillion,

GAIM! - same as trillion, does everything..

And for the Macintosh: Fire

Fire: Same as Trillian and GAIM, but for the best computer and operating system in the whole wide world, the Macintosh.

(Does that mean I'm pissing?)

erm.. NO

erm.. NO


grnidone, are your trousers wet? That's usually a clue ;OP

From the press release it

From the press release it does jsut seem like you'll be able to talk to people on MSN from yahoo, and vice versa, no merging of the tools, just the ability to contact people on different networks, that's pretty cool though.

I tried Trillian a few years ago, didn't like it at all, maybe it's changed and improved since then, but I've not bothered trying. Not heard of the others before, and never used a Mac ;)

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