Oh my, MC Hammer at Google?

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Simply too funny not to post, but im saying nothing more dammit! via dirson: 1, 2 and 3


I wonder if he hurt them?

I wonder if he hurt them?

I prefer the MC Chewy myself

I prefer the MC Chewy myself

can't touch this ... do,

can't touch this ... do, doo, do, do

alright, stop!


Ugh, thanks for getting U

Ugh, thanks for getting U Can't Touch This stuck in my head allllll morning ;)

>> alright, stop! >>

>> alright, stop!

>> hammertime.

Adam, are you secretly Mark Lamarr?


The food looked good. Some kind of saffron rice(?) and a meat dish.

What was more interesting, though (and yes, I like MC Hammer, too), was the double flat panel setup. Lots of screen real estate, and about $1500 USD ... but still not as deep as the Mac 30-inch, it would seem.

Well ... now you know where my interest lies. :)


All my life I wanted to make it to the top
(That's word,we pray)
Some said I wouldn't
They told me no,but I didn't stop
(That's word,we pray)
Working hard,making those (sites / pages) everyday
(That's word,we pray)
And on my knees every night,you know I pray

...from "Pray"

Couldn't resist...

Think they will eBay...

...the name badge?


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