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Oooooh, yes puh-leaze... Pointed out by slashdotters is this shiny new LinkSys Skype Handset - Only trouble is, with my slightly dodgy connection here in the country, im not sure i have steady enough upstream to do good quality VoIP :(



Probably cost a fortune in uk though

Dude I thought Holland had a

Dude I thought Holland had a 100mbit pipe in to every toaster and kettle! We've been lied to!

We're getting

We're getting VOIP via our Time Warner Internet cable next week; apparently it comes in through the cable and from there, the phone part goes into the phone lines in the walls ... which means we can use our regular cordless phones. I'm also told that any Internet versus phone interference can be alleviated by having a second network card.

Still not sure about it all, though. Will say something next week after it's installed.

Dodgy connection?

I've had terrific conversations with fellow Skypers who were on 56k dial-up connections - no problems at all.

Better Yet Oakley Razrwire

You still need to be at the computer to initiate the connections with this, but I would not trade my Skype/Razrwire Oakley's for anything. Both hands free, 100M range with the Belkin adapter.

Works out to more like 100ft.

I keep having trouble with Skype

Plug in the headset, switch on Skype, sometimes it'll work. But then when I'm done, log off of Skype and unplug the headset, sometimes I have no sound. Playing with the sound settings in the control panel doesn't help, so I have to do a system restore to get it back.

I'm sure you'll all say it's my fault for running Windows.

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