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oh dear...
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I'm back! After an eventful trip to Latvia for a friends stag i have returned to find that the internet has gone mad. Everyone is buying each other, people are buying blogs and this fool is calling Aaron Wall, of SEO Book fame, a noob!

Now we've heard some crap in recent weeks, namely SEO Black Hat Guy calling Jen a black hat seo (which she definately isn't), but this takes this piss. Will someone please use some of their hard earned Adsense cash and hire some crack team of ninja assassins to do him in?

Aaron's new site, bloggoodies spotted this guy's anti-blogging site and passed comment. The next day, after having got some referrals from the new site, anti-blog guy decides to take a pop, bad move dude, seriously. If you're gonna pick on someone and say "Hey, you're a fool and blogging is stupid", at least make sure that person is a fool. Unluckily for you, you picked a guy who isn't a fool and who's blog is immensly popular.

Anti-blogging, what a crock of shit...


The fool must have read

The fool must have read Aaron's stuff way back when and decided to try the contraversy angle to get a little link love. It will be interesting to see when and where he trys to point the juice.


You have been Anti-Blogged. You have 24 hours to remove your blog from the Intraweb.

is he gonna send the boys in, or what?

Gotta admire it - wonder

Gotta admire it - wonder where the $$$'s come in? Could be just for kicks, and that's ok by me too - this stuff is just too easy...

I'm scared. I don't like it

I'm scared. I don't like it when people are anti-blogged. Will Aaron's organs melt?

Well, I did retract like 9

Well, I did retract like 9 hours after I posted.

Plus, it's not like jens site, , doesn't look like a spammyer verson of the scraper sites we throw up 5 times a day. It was an honest mistake.

Try reading this without

Try reading this without thinking about Aarons blog:

Who the fuck thinks that merely linking to stuff makes you authoritative (maybe authoritative on posting links to crap) and credible? You are just like all the other wanker bloggers out there that has made the “Blogosphere” a big incestuous love fest.

All your doing is saying “This guy wrote this shit and heres a link to it, look how cool I am!!!”, Good work mate, you can copy and paste [...]

If we forget for a moment that Aarons blog is the target here, that guy/girl actually makes perfect sense in my book. Sorry Aaron, that's not minted on you - I haven't even read your new blog (didn't know it existed before I saw this thread), but I'm sure it's interesting.

Anyway, if you just read the above "as is" it seems pretty okay to me. It's no use just linking out for the sake of it, there's got to be some kind of judgement involved. Otherwise it's just like this thread.

The quote does, however, apply to a whole lot of blogs, and it's totally okay to assume that linking to cr*p does not improve your authority on any specific issue but that particular one.

Again, I don't know if the quote applies to Aarons blog. I have not read that blog, but I assume that it's okay, unless it's some experiment Aaron is carrying out, in which case it might or might not be. Oh, and I don't know the person(s) behind that anti-blog either. [I feel totally stupid posting this many disclaimers, but English is my second language so I have to make sure that you people don't think I'm after Aarons blog: I'm not - I haven't even read it. All I'm saying is that the quote from the "anti-blog" makes perfect sense to me - if you forget for a moment that it's Aarons blog it's mentioning (assuming, of course, that Aarons new blog does not suck, which, of course it would not, unless Aaron intended it to, which could be the case).] Hope I made my point clear that the quote is perfectly okay in it's own right, but that I don't know if it applies to Aarons new blog or not.

Linking To Stuff

"Who the fuck thinks that merely linking to stuff makes you authoritative "

Google, actually.

dodgy registration

The registration details for the domain are dodgy, although he does seem to live in Western Australia (Perth is where the host is based). Any one want to pay me to take a 2 hour drive north and sort it out :-)

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