"Reputable SEO Companies" reminds me of a joke

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There's a thread bumping around over at Danny's that makes me chuckle every time I see the title: Reputable SEO Companies As the story goes, W.C. Fields once saw a tombstone with the inscription...

Here lies a lawyer and an honest man.

Fields gasped, "Good Heavens! They've buried two men in that grave!"


Tru$t Me - I've got the "real" list ;)

Yea, if I didn't already run a SEO company I'd write a review book, and start a "list of SEO's" website, and giving away SEO awards too....anyone listed in my book, or my site, or has my award must be good. (tru$t me)

I just started reading

I just started reading Andrew Goodman's new print book on AdWords. He stated:

I myself discovered that it was easy enough to get a high ranking (in the first edition of the SEO Buyer's Guide). One of my clients achieved a very high ranking on a commercially lucrative search phrase, with my help. Of course the client's success story proved temporary, but it was enough to give me a four-star rating as a barely trained one-man search engine optimization "company" in 2001.

To me it seems the perception of quality in services is based upon how well you can sell yourself and how friendly you are to others.

Rather than those who constantly trump up how reputable and wonderful they are, I am always far far more inspired by and trusting of people who are not afraid to admit how little they now know or how little they knew in the past, especially in a market that changes as much as this one does.

I tend to be a bit too blunt sometimes, but appreciate when others place more weight on being honest than how stuff sounds. NFFC in a forum. NickW on TW. Andrew Goodman in his book. Greg Boser & DaveN at the conferences, etc.

Rumor has it Andrew Goodman apparently is a fan of peanut butter as well.

Marketing Speak

Aaron, great post, I agree with you. Being honest means more to me when it comes to listening to what someone has to say in our industry. Anyone can market themselves and become known. Not everyone can be honest and admit they don't know all the answers.

Always A Student

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow".

Reputable / SEO companies

You misunderstand RC. The idea is to pick just one :)

Wise words Aaron

Wise words Aaron.

I am very reputable

I am even extremely reputable, honourable even. In fact, so much so, that I once threatened hari-kiri when my Shogun SEO client was knocked off top spot and went broke.

The only thought that stopped me was revenge. I vowed to take down the competitor that took top spot from my Master. I thus became an SEO Ronin, trawling the Internet, doing odd jobs and waiting for my chance.

Ten more white on white text hidden div text links and I reckon my work on this Earth will be complete, and can take my place with my former master by committing seppuku.


This is a topic near to my heart, because I started taking clients this year after years of internal SEO work. Problem is, I know too-well the importance of confidentiality. I struggle daily with the reference question. In all cases so far, I contractually bind myself and my clients to confidentiality (for many reasons I should discuss openly someday).

The sew thread hasn't produce much yet. Danny says get alot of references (disputed) and refers to stundubl's suggestions. But Todd says ask what the last client's ROI was (disputed and I agree completely - who would tell their SEO their true ROI?).

The best I see is randfish's way which really impressed me. An SEO's recomendation seems a pretty solid referral. As long as the SEO is really busy and not in a conflict of interest, that is (a tough call to make? This month?). Could it be you won't find any killer competitive SEO's on such lists?

Quality work I did 4 years ago doesn't qualify me as an SEO today. What I believe qualifies me for the work I do today is what I did yesterday for my happy clients and my own websites (and that is not going to be public knowledge). So far I get most referrals via webmasters who know my work, not SEOs or clients.

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