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I've made some changes to the way that the system works here at Threadwatch. Changes i've been meaning to do for a long time now. Before i post about that though, beware that for a day or two the rss will be a little weird. Not broken, but on stories prior to this one, just a bit malformed - it can't be helped, sorry about that.


Here's a list of what i've done:

  • All submissions are now unpublished by default*
  • The submit form is now 100x simpler
  • Anonymous users can now submit stories (provided they dont mind being labeled as "anonymous scaredy cat's" heh..)
  • Some minor cosmetics

* excepting bloggers and editors posts

The purpose of making stories, not comments, unpublished by default is 3 fold:

  1. I'd like to up the bar a little on what get's posted
  2. It saves me a lot of time not having to remove posts
  3. Extra content and formatting can be added before going live if needed

The reasons for changing the submit form are simple also:

  • It's less confusing, being much more obvious as to what you should do
  • Because we're now using the standard drupal 'story' module, it means authors can finally use the <!--break--> comment to indictate where the story should cut off when posted to the homepage.

For Authors

If you want to submit a story, go right ahead! As you can see on the submit story form though, i'll not be emailing or pm'ing people if their story is not published for some reason. Not by default anyway.

Part of the point of all this is to save me time. I have several other concerns at present, and although i still have time to manage TW, any time that can be saved, should be saved.

You can use regular HTML or BBCode as per normal, though you don't have to fill in the source of the story or a source title.

Saying that though, let's not drop our linking habbits here. Please always credit your source, and as always, link out generously.

For Editors

Editors will find that the "administer -> content" module actually works as it should now. You'll see new posts at the top of the list.

All you have to do is to click the link, check that they are:

  • Fresh
  • Not a one liner or help post
  • Are "worthy" of being on the homepage
  • Have good links

Then just click the "published" box, and hit submit.

Im thinking the editors roles will now go down considerably. Which means it's time to move some folks around on that score, and give credit to those active ones as i've mentioned before. I'll probably get that done another time though.

Any Questions?

Comments, questions, screams of outrage and the like are all welcome, so let me know what you think :)


Anonymous Scaredy Cat

Had to fix a couple more small bugs, but now we've opened up to anonymous submissions also - no shit will get through to the public side, so dont worry. It's just that some folks dont like the attention, or dont want to be associated with a story - like the jen weeks thing for example...

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