Inform - A Worse Launch is Hard to Imagine


You have to feel just a little sorry for which launches today. Like Rafat I spoke to their CEO a few times in the week, but missed our slot for a walk through yesterday. I can't even work out how to get past the intro page in Firefox, but it looks like Rafat has the full skinny on what appears to be a disasterous launch from Neal Goldman, the guy that sold CapitalIQ for $225M last year.

Talking about feature creep and trying to outshine bloglines Rafat says

The same syndrome mars has all the features crammed in.... Besides, it does not work well at all on Opera, and has some feature disabled for Firefox. Another major fault: it goes for the pop-up-and-hiding-the-URL routine, a major no-no, if you ask me. So you cannot see the URLs of the third-party stories you're going (that's the behavior in Firefox). In IE, its optimum environment, it opens stories in a frame, again, with no URLs shown.
Too many categories, too many buttons, too many gimmicks ("Discovery Paths"?)...categorization at the cost of confusion: no thanks.

Well, maybe it's good i didn't get past the start page? I can't say that inspired me much either. A missing word in the 2nd paragraph could be overlooked, but can anyone understand the point of this paragraph at the bottom of

Note that this site is optimized for Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater. It will also work in Firefox, but you will not have the benefit of some of the unique navigational aspects. If you need to download Firefox, you can do it here.

So, to start with it's knobbled in Firefox? Oh yeah, that's a great move for a company launching in this space... but what's with the recommendation to download firefox after saying it wont work well?

Bloody hell, what a disaster....


You really have to wonder

You really have to wonder what value clickz actually add to the conversation dont you?

Adding to the conversation

About as much as PrWeb .. as all they are doing is regurgitating press releases most of the time ;OP

Feck, I got a virus when

Feck, I got a virus when entering that website!

Front page

>> I can't even work out how to get past the intro page in Firefox

This URL works if you disable popup blocker, had to view source to find it.

oh god.....

oh god.....

Inform? It should be

In order to skip this page in the future, please disable your pop-up blocker for our URL

Yeah right. Next thing - they'll be asking why the 'deep and rich content' on their site can't get indexed in Google....

Is it 1995 again?

I can see....

I can see where it could be good, but I can't see where it IS good.

The sources are extremely limited - It has 11 news sources for Western Europe? But at least the Sun is in there.

how sad

that a site that is about information would think about launching an onload popup to show their info! seems to work

That's a nice page - a

That's a nice page - a tribute to frames. :)

Seems like would have been better

LOL, Nick, you are right. And so is every other blogger that bashes that thing. I can't believe that it took 55 people.

Check that, I can believe it. Too many chefs in the kitchen.

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