[adv] Too Busy to Write your own Bid Management Software?


Some 3 years ago MakeMeTop got fed-up with using 3rd party tools for running bid management, web analytics and various other SEM functions so we decided to write our own. Threadwatch members are now invited to take that finely honed software for a free 45 day trial.

The Background

A year ago, we decided that we were probably better at concentrating on developing technology than trying to compete with the thousands of other SEM agencies out there directly for clients. So we came up with the idea of allowing our technology to be used by agencies under their own branding - while we withdrew from selling directly to end-user clients completely.

It was a tough decision! After building up MakeMeTop as a brand name that was reasonably well recognised, suddenly we were moving out of the overt SEM marketplace. It seems to be working though, as agencies appear to like dealing with a company that remains hidden as far as their clients are concerned.

Bid Management & Web Analytics

The initial products we have available for the market are a set of approved third party bid management and web analytics tools. You can see an overview and tutorial on the products here.

Special Offer for Threadwatch Members

We are offering Threadwatch members a 45 day free trial of the products if you sign up through this form. Although the form states 30 days for the trial period - if you mention Threadwatch in the comments box - we will extend this to 45 days.

Please Give Feedback

It must be emphasized that this is a product for SEM agencies - it is not designed to be used directly by end-users (although you could choose to configure it that way). As such, it is highly tailorable and we welcome comments and feedback on how it could be made better for both your company and the market in general.

Our aim is to try and bring every agency interested in SEM a portfolio of tools which they can integrate into their offerings so that they can compete with the largest specialist product vendors out there!

Please, let us know what you think!


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Thanks Barry and uk mmt crew, i'd quite like to know if this works aswell as advertised also if you guys try it :)


"to" busy should be "too"?

Yep - I never even noticed!

Just because we're meant to be smart at stuff doesn't mean I'm lituret :)

I'm sure we can prevail on Nick to change it!


Barry, is there a privacy policy or something similar for what happens to the data that would be collected from this?


Can anyone point me to the pricing page?


I hear that there are some REALLY BIG firms currently using the service to track millions of KWs

Keyword Max VS MakeMeTop Comparison

Anyone tried KeywordMax and then MakeMeTop? What i really want is to be able to download a Full Google account and edit all the info ad text, groups, keys and then hit upload. Manage it all in one place, with an intelligent interface. I am one inch away from building a tool which you can create ppc campaigns in, ready for bulk upload. KeywordMax has given me good bid management but no editing of account ads etc. KeywordMax also allows whitelabel and does have good sales centric web stats integrated. In between working 16 hrs a day managing PPC i know i have to try it but what is the vibe on MakeMeTop?

We tried Keyword Max and it

We tried Keyword Max and it didn't work well for us. A lot of techical issues, listings getting mixed up, features suddenly not working...

From what I've seen Makemetop's system looks rich in the features you need, and isn't ridiculously expensive. We tried it briefly a while ago but I think it's been improved since then.

In Russia and it's Snowing!

Sorry for dealy in replying as I traveled to the Volga. I can say that our Google interface does everything that crunchola said they wanted.

And Andy, as an illustrious former beta tester - you are entitled to extended free usage :)

I'd be very interested in your comments!

Looking good so far :)

Liked it a the beta, but support for small regional countries was just almost there. Now it's promising and support is fast!

crunchola, yes, it grabs your adwords, yahoo etc. account info and gives you the ability to edit all. If I remember correctly the historical data was limited though. Would be very nice if you could get say 6 or 12 months history too.. Barry?

Had the gang add a few accounts and take it for a spin. We found a few things. Will be sending it through the feedback :)

Historical Data

Thanks for the kind comments, Rumbas and look forward to your feedback.

On historical data, the reports section now supports history for today, by day, by month, by year or by custom period.

Within the bid management system you can select to show data from current month, previous month, current week, previous week or last 30 days for default data display settings.

Obviously, the most detailed information is within the reports section and should, I hope, cover anyone's needs!

going to close ad thread soon...

This ad is up, so I will give it a few hours for any last comments and then Barry can reply if he likes.

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