Interesting reading - i've been a bit pressed for time today for various reasons, but whilst having a goodnight ciggy i installed that module out of curiosity....



Glad I handed my notice in - that list would have gotten me the sack ;O)

Good luck with your next

Good luck with your next venture Chris


Thanks Adam, kind of you to say :O)

You quit Chris?

Did you quit your job, Chris? Congrats :-)

I am shocked, shocked, I tell you, to find myself at #2 on the past month list :-)

Okay, perhaps not... I did have a hunch that I was posting a lot as this place has seemed rather quiet on several occasions lately. I guess it's because Nick's busy building something else. Anyway, compared to the past week list it's clear that I've been stepping down on the posting :-)

I can see on those lists...

...that I have a job these days (with limited web access hehe).


I don't know if I'm more embarresed by how much I used to post without realising or how little I have done since I've been busy for the past month :)

We forgive you Gurtie :) I

We forgive you Gurtie :)

I guess it's because Nick's busy building something else.

Only partly. Part of the reason of opening up to anonymous submissions, and stepping back just a little bit myself is to encourage others to post.

There's a certain "expectation" that "nick'll get it" - which is entirely of my own making. I'd like to try and change that a bit, and to have this place grow as a result...


I can't believe that I've commented more here in 'all time' than NFFC has. I don't know how to feel about that..

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