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Blogs and Links
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If you're none to familiar with the concept of blogging you've either had your head in a sack for the last 2yrs or maybe you just havn't considered the benefits from a commercial point of view?

This thread over at seozip has some nice pointers from Anthony Parsens and DianeV

Websites are static, and turn stale as such, thus not really having that much to link to unless your interested in the entire site, though blogs are very useful in that 90% of posts may not have relevance to one person, though 10% might, thus they link to them from their site, providing you deep links to your content, not links to your homepage. Blogs are extremely powerful for capturing links.

it's tailing off into chit-chat but im hoping to get it back on topic by going and giving my 2 pence worth :)


Yes, it's interesting ...

... though I suspect that what you're calling "chitchat" is, to them, good manners in greeting a brand new member.

Yep, I like blogging, which is a kind of creative outlet to me, and particularly as my field (web design with marketing with SEO with usability, etc.) is a combination of disciplines, if we can call it that, and so I'm sort of dragging all this information together. (Though I still dislike the title of "holistic" for what I do. Sounds like I burn candles or something.)

As well, I'm one of those commercial web designers who hadn't yet moved to Web Standards coding for commercial sites -- the ones whom the Web Standards Project addressed as: "If not now, when? If not you, who?" -- and so I'm thinking my little compilation of experiences and information might be a help to fellow designers.

Yeah, I know: still idealistic after all these years. :-)

By the way, I'll say that one thing I like about Threadwatch is that you (Nick) say what you think. It's like getting real information, unfiltered by commercial considerations.

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