UltraDNS Unveil DNS Shield


In a bid to "shield" the internet from DOS attacks and other nasties, UltraDNS have launched "DNS Shield", that sits inbetween ISP's and core DNS DB's protecing against DDos attacks.

Analysts called the shield a step forward for preventing denial of service attacks, where hackers harness thousands of "zombie" computers to knock offline Web sites or other computer systems. The attacks release an unrelenting data blitz that can cause huge financial losses and wreak havoc online.

UltraDNS Chief Executive Ben Petro said the shield is essentially a security blanket that works by creating a private network between service providers and the key directories that identify the locations of Web sites.

"Denial of service attacks are highly destructive and almost impossible to build true security around," Petro said. "There is very little in your control and the people launching them are getting better and better."