Looksmart to be De-Listed on Nasdaq


I'm not surprised. It looks like Looksmart will be de-listed on the Nasdaq. Further proof of their inevitable downfall?

LookSmart, an online media and technology company specializing in vertical search, today announced that on October 13, 2005 it received a letter from the Nasdaq staff stating that the Company has failed to comply with the $1.00 minimum bid price required for continued listing of its common stock on the Nasdaq National Market set forth in MarketPlace Rule 4450(a), and as a result the Company's common stock is subject to delisting."


good riddance. I remember

Good riddance. I remember the bloodsuckers in the old days.It was pay per click in the serps or something like that. Too long ago now. All I remember is I hated them cause they cost me cash. Insignificant though compared to what I pay today on on G and Ov.

I'm curious...

does anyone get any traffic from looksmart?

I have NEVER seen a referal

I have NEVER seen a referal from LS on this website.

Doesn't mean that there hasn't been one, but i do watch the referals all the time and have never spotted one.

They once produced traffic

Back in the old days, before the Empire.

Good-bye, good riddance.

It's called Karma baby

Goes to show, you screw the SEO community it'll come back in droves.


I occasionally get a hit from Wisenut, that's about it.

they may stay listed

That PR Newswire article said they might do a reverse stock split to keep the per share value above $1 & stay listed, which was a fairly common technique a few years back.

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