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Two of the biggest contenders in the mobile email market have announced that they are holding hands. RIM and Palm are taking their Blackberry and Treo and marrying them up to the palm platform.

Palm and RIM have struck a deal to make RIM's BlackBerry Connect available on the Treo 650 and it is due for launch in early 2006.

with support for the widely deployed BlackBerry solution.
• Push-based wireless email and calendar via BlackBerry Enterprise Server®

• Triple DES security and centralized device management

• Over-the-air IT policies such as device disablement for lost devices

• Remote Address Lookup

• Convenient attachment viewing options

• New device choice without complicated deployment or management

There is an announcement webinar which goes through the marketing hype followed by a demonstration.

For people in Britain, you can get an upgrade from your old 600 to a 650 for GBP49 at Orange.


I can upgrade my SPV C500 to

I can upgrade my SPV C500 to an Treo 650 for free - that is, if they bloody well had any in stock. The 650 was recalled a few weeks back and no-one knows when the hell it's coming back in.

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