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Free Links and How to Get Them
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Check out this thread started by WilliamC over at Web Workshop covers an article written by Ben Fisher at

It's all about a step by step guide to setting up 100's of free hosting accounts and using them to link to your target site. The guide bit of the article is very good. The thread contains a lot of "great thread!" type comments but have a close look, there are some cool links that will help you find lists of free hosting companies mixed in amongst the chatter.


I thought this technique was dead 18 months ago

This was quite the rage about two years ago, but G with their usual gusto for pissing on everybodies bonfire pretty much killed it stone dead about 18 moths ago.


I remember it quite well, but wasnt that the geocities type of thing Kali? I thought this article centered on different types of free hosts than that.....

Good point

I'll have to revisit this idea.


hi kali,

how could they have killed it? what are the methods to figure out that it's just one person playing the game? and how can i make sure that this kind of link system is index-compatible?

isn't it relevant and therefore allowed, anyway? (see comment on "spam?")


wouldn't such a thing be considered se spam? after all, the cross linked content might not really be the most relevant of all. specially if it's duplicated from time to time - which i think can hardly be avoided having enough domains to significantly boost your pr while limiting your timely efforts to an efficient degree.

alltough it would be nice to get a response as to risks of getting banned from the index, my question also aims at the ethical perspective of such techniques.

i guess in the end it comes down to relevancy and the extent to which it satisfies the users, anyway.

would be great to get your thoughts on that,


Hi phlo...

..and welome to TW! - do introduce yourself :)


Any manipulation of a search algo is considered spam. There is much debate on what constitutes manipulation of course and this probably isnt the thread to get into that silly debate lol! but we all make choices, in my view it's all spam and the decision rests with what an individual search marketer is comfortable with, and in the case of SEM/SEO businesses, what the client is comfortable with. There are better ways to get lots of links IMO


Google stopped counting links from certain free domain sites like geocities...

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