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Funny, sure, but also a wonderful example of building buzz and getting a ton of free media coverage a la purple cow. A hotel in New Zealand has put lifesized pictures of models in in the little boys room that look down on you as you have a wee. The pics are damn funny, and you can see a video report here.

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Hope this doesn't lead to

Hope this doesn't lead to too many blokes shaking their wankers more than they have too. (how's that for Queen's English?)

Err not quite Loren, but hey

Err not quite Loren, but hey it's closer than the pissing one ;) Somebody find that link, it's priceless...

Hm...if they put up

Hm...if they put up corresponding images of men looking condescending in the little girls room, wouldn't that be regarded as offensive?

More Toilet Goodness

On the subject of great toilets, I should mention the London restaurant Papageno, in Covent Garden. If you thought the above was rauchy, wait until you've paid this one a visit! Warning, not for the faint-hearted (no, the website doesn't show them). Papageno Website

The pics of men in the girls

The pics of men in the girls room would be looking at them while they could be laying a tird... which might be weird for some chicks.

If some dude is dropping a load in the urinal, he'd probably too drunk to know the difference.


Toilet ads have been done before in one way or another.

I still think bumvertising is the best marketing idea to 'hit the streets' this year.

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