Google to Talk to India about Google Maps Concerns

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The Bangkok Post today is reporting from New Dehli that Google have offered to talk with the Indian government over the government's concern with the publication of the hi-res photos. The article mentions that "There was no sign of a similar offer for Thailand, which has also complained about the detailed imagery."

"The job entrusted to us is to evaluate in coordination with others the damage potential of these high-resolution pictures. We are not concerned with Google's reaction". He added that the challenge posed by the images is "without precedent".

Doesn't sound like they are happy at all.

I just wish they would get good images of Edinburgh. We built an extension on the back of our house about 4 years ago and nobody can see it.!


What are they afraid

What are they afraid of?

That someone will locate the secret stash of sacred cows?

I'm sure Google will just block certain areas just like they do in the US as you can't zoom in on DisneyWorld for security reasons.

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