Yahoo! Targets! Chavs!


In a bid to squeeze every last penny out of even the poorest of online marketers (hey, they did this just for me? how nice..) Yahoo! have dropped the minimum $20 monthly spend on paid Search. YahooSahra (yeeeeha! ride 'em cowgirl!) posted the letter that went out recently:

We’ve listened to your feedback and are happy to announce that we’ve eliminated the $20 monthly minimum spending requirement for Sponsored Search. Previously, all Sponsored Search advertisers were required to spend at least $20 a month in click-through charges. Now, you can choose to spend as much or as little as you like, with no minimum to meet.

Thank you for being a Sponsored Search advertiser. We appreciate your business and hope this change makes advertising with us even easier. As always, we value your feedback, so if you have any questions please contact us using the support request form within your account.


Great.... they just need to approve ads faster, rather than having to wait for about a week when all that has been changed is the bloody link.

For the UK too I wonder?

For the UK too I wonder?

They are still to high

They are still to high priced for me. Bring back penny bids! :)

I want a refund

on the min spend they charged me when I had my campaigns paused.

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