Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology


Gartner has just released it's latest October 2005 report on Information Access Technology. Information access technology includes and expands on what Gartner previously called "enterprise search technology." A new vendor has emerged in the Leader's quadrant (right), and some vendors have moved, based on market dynamics and changes in how we weight some of the criteria. It seems like Fast are doing very, very well in this highly competitive market.

Dieselpoint, Vivisimo and dtSearch have been added to the quadrant and Intelliseek was dropped because it was acquired by Inxight last year.

I am a bit biased here, I have to admit that I really like Fast and their people. I have since I first had meetings with them a few years ago just after they sold AllTheWeb to Overture. They are one of the best companies I have ever worked with and really responsive.