A 20" Laptop?


Over the weekend we had an amazing discussion on laptops where one member had said they'd happily buy a 19" laptop. This seems a bit much to me, but ZDNet are running a story about the adoption and projection for future large screen laptop use based on findings from an IDC report. Apparently, BIG is IN

Even larger screen sizes are in the pipeline. Samsung has already shown its upcoming 19-inch laptop to CNET Reviews. The product is expected to ship later this year. Dell, a major partner of Samsung, could easily adopt the large screen format for its high-end XPS laptops. And, LG Philips is also touting its 20-inch LCD displays for laptops, Shim said.

I'll probably go 15" myself, as i have to travel, but as these things get better and better I can see my next desktops being large screened laptops...


I can see my next desktops

I can see my next desktops being large screen laptops, but I can't see my next laptops being large screened laptops. They're just too unwieldy. The 17" Powerbook is far too big for my wants and needs. I want something powerful and compact. In widescreen, so I can throw all my windows and palettes around and still have screen space.

I see the 17 and 19 inch

I see the 17 and 19 inch laptops as being 'luggable', like the very first Compaq or Kaypro portables. Something you would move between a summer home and winter home or maybe work-office and home-office. For real get-on-a-plane travel or even surfing from the back patio I think these would be way too cumbersome.


Remember the "luggable"? Halfway between laptop and desktop

I remember...

I still have a better-use-a-caddie-to-carry Corona with built-in double 5"25 drives and 9" monochrome CRT. Suitcase model (and ~size and ~weight) with a keyboard in the 'lid'.

Alas it doesn't run Windows so I moved it to the attic.

Wit. I had one of those ....

Wasn't Corona though. Buggered if I can remember the brand - I bought it second hand from the School of Scandanavian Studies at Edinburgh University and it had only been switched on twice in 2 years.

"one member" that's me

I feel special now, thanks Nick ;)

Seriously, thanks for pointing out this article, if those bad boys are that close to production I can wait a bit longer before I replace my 17" so I can grab one of the new 19" models. Don't know if I could go bigger than that though. Thrilled to see larger sizes coming out.

If there was a way to put a

If there was a way to put a little solar panel on the top of the monitor to recharge your battery, maybe. Otherwise you'd have to plug in every 30 minutes to recharge.

Small is beautiful

I have to say I resisted the urge to "Super Size" my new laptop and went for 15" screen. I just think that if you want it on your lap the it needs to lap sized...

If you mainly use your laptop on a desk then yes a larger screen is a good idea. Personally I use the same desk most days and have installed docking station connected to a normal keyboard mouse and a 19" monitor. Best of both worlds.

On a recent trip I was

On a recent trip I was talking with a security person in the airport. When I placed my laptop in the plastic bin it fit but it was a snug fit. The guy told me they chose the size of the bin so everyone's computer would fit. He said a few weeks ago they had a business man come through with a laptop was too big. Turn out this computer was a "one of" prototype model. So they are coming ...

too big for travel

I love a big screen, but I've got a 17" powerbook and even with that I feel like a hunchback after carrying that around an airport. Just picked up 12" 4lb Dell Inspiron just for that reason.

>>A 20" Laptop? Put a

>>A 20" Laptop?

Put a leather strap on it and you can use it as a sheild like a Roman Legionaire. heheheh

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