Google News Bombing - A New but Unsurprising Twist

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Personal Attacks Make Google News
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Yesterday Threadwatch reported on teh bizzare case of Psycho Boy Jacek Rutkowski's disturbingly insane obsession with Russell Beattie. Russell is a well read blogger who likes to mess with mobile phones and was recently hired by Yahoo!

Following Russell's post, Threadwatch and countless others reported the story and linked Psycho Freak's name to the post Beattie was forced to put up to defend himself. see the results here. -- that's a name bomb okay? Right, well it turns out that the psycho boy (that's a name bomb to) website is indexed by google news.

So, we now have Google News Bombs - see the damage here. This new twist on the classic name bomb is a little more disturbing as Dave Winer writes as it can add a note of real legitimacy to results pages.

This site, like Dave's is not indexed by G news (GG, you wanna lend a hand here? lol..) which is a shame, Dave's is because (presumably) it is news only written by one person and thus falls outside of their incusion criteria (i couldnt find a link for this but was once rejected for the news source only being written by one person) This site is probably just to new and i've not tried to suggest it.

If it were included though, it would be very easy for me or any of the members to post Rutowski or anyone else's name in a derogatory light and have it appear in the G News results with all the perceived legitamacy that carries with it.

Is this a problem, and should Google do something about it?

Here's what Dave Whiner said:

This just shows how far out of whack things have gotten. It's time for Google to either withdraw Google News, or stop claiming it's algorithmic, or even better, make it algorithmic. They've figured out how authority works in the search engine, why can't they do it in News.

What do you think, is it as big a problem as it first appears?


It's a serious problem

The presence of jpzr's Psycho boy site in Google News is a stark example of a very serious failing with Google News. If Dave Winer's site is rejected for not being "authoritative", does that mean that Jacek Rutkowski's obnoxious, racist bile is considered authoritative and acceptable by Google? I mean, can you imagine any serious news outlet letting this through under their own banner?:


If Google can't get this sorted out, it is a reputation-wrecker for their news service.


Google Blogoscoped pick op on the Google News Bomb™ story...

Relying on an algo and thereb

Relying on an algo and thereby abdicating sound human judgement, and responsibility, is Google's tragic flaw. Especially in news. News is for humans not spiders and it requires real gosh darn human editors to say what is worthwhile and what is dreck somewhere in the food chain before it reaches the customer. Mindless algos cannot do that.

Look at all the major news scandals in the last few years and they all can be traced to failures in editorial oversight and/or judgement.

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