Call to Boycott FastClick Over Pop-Ups Goes Out


Adrants is calling for a boycott of FastClick and other ad networks that sell pop ups - they also want to boycott and shame websites that serve pop ups, and advertisers that buy pop ups.

Pitchforks and burning torches can be purchased from the Adrants site we hear....


What's wrong with pop ups?

I don't get it... Don't most browsers have pop up blocking features? Some people have an awful lot of extra time on their hands.

This is the kind that can

This is the kind that can avoid popup blockers Nebraska - the worst kind...

Google Adsense

They are running Google Adsense and complaining about the ethics of advertisers. Ironic.

I guess I just don't go to sites that barrage me with popups. If I run across them, I usually close it out and remember not to head back there again. I haven't really lost any sleep over getting a few popups from Fastclick.

pop ups suck and I hate them

pop ups suck and I hate them myself ... however they pay A LOT more in CPM implementations and any of the " your computer is infected with spyware/adware/viruses/cooties" variety do really well on sites with a high volume of regular non tech folk.

I treat all sites with ads the same

I ask myself... are the ads (popups, popunders, onpage, or otherwise) particularly obtrusive or annoying?

If no, then there's no problem. I don't freak if a site gives me a popup once per session (at max).

If yes, then the next question is: Is this site especially unique and important or necessary etc.? Rarely do I answer yes, but if I do, then I grin and bear any popups and such not caught by Firefox. If no, then I never visit the site again.

Frankly, I think this stuff is self-correcting. When sites annoy the hell out of their visitors, the visitors won't come back. I don't see a need for an organized boycott.

What pop-ups?

I've been blocking them almost 3 years now, didn't know they still existed!

How can someone be that idiotic to make a "call to arms" about blocking popups when you can rid yourself of them in less than 5 minutes!

Forest Gump's Mama was dead on the mark "Stupid is as stupid does".

IE people, IE

I recently installed Windows MCE and went to do some downloading and was using the default installation of IE and low and behold: popup central! I couldn't believe it, sites I regularly visit on Firefox kept delivering popups! Do I like pop ups? no, so I dont use them myself but boycotting Fastclick because it offers popups as an option? a bit extreme I'd think.

Yahoo Toolbar

If I'm not mistaken it has a pop-up blocker built in.

Unless you're boycotting Yahoo Toolbar as well...

How can someone be that

How can someone be that idiotic to make a "call to arms" about blocking popups when you can rid yourself of them in less than 5 minutes!

Bill, there is a whole set of popups that you cannot block, as i said above.

Um, Nick, I hate to disagree

Um, Nick, I hate to disagree with such a nice host....


Not saying it can't be done

Not saying it can't be done bill, just not by a popup blocker is all. Personally, i think that popups that are purposely built to avoid popup blockers are the worst kind of rude - i can see why adrants are in such a temper about it, and although i dont think a boycott would get off the ground, calling attention to networks that support this kind of sneaky bastard ad is a good thing imo.

Disable javascript?!

If I'm not mistaken, a lot of the rogue popups are being triggered from FLASH, not Javascript. Additionally, IMHO disabling javascript to get rid of a few pesky popups is seriously throwing out the baby with the bathwater. At least in my surfing, javascript plays an integral part in the tasks I need to take care of.

That's right Adam, Flash. I

That's right Adam, Flash. I think all JS ones can be blocked...

OK, it's 1 am and all the

OK, it's 1 am and all the answers seem so simple - disable Flash too :)

As a matter of fact, start using Lynx as your browser and the problems go away.

Unblockable Pops...

There are pops that are unblockable as well, DHTML anyone? Some companies such as 180 Solutions and Claria have also toyed with using a proprietary browser for their pops so they can get around blockers.

There are so many ways to launch a pop that not all of them involve java or flash. If these companies really had to get around pop up blockers they certainly could.


DHTML anyone?

Um - that would be Javascript.

I'm with you incrediBILL. :)

I have multiple browsers - each with varying degrees of crap filtering. I mostly surf in Firefox, using a toolbar that allows me to have referring logging, Javascript, cookies refused etc. And no flash loaded.

Trusted sites - well - just a popup blocker on - but Flash almost always blocked. Ocassionally - I find a Flash movie I want to watch - mostly its crap.


DHTML pops

Yes, however when using a certain implementation of it all pop up blockers can be bypassed. May have changed since I last used it on any of my sites but it's probably still valid. That was about 2 years ago. I'll see if I can dig up the script and post later.

Many new popups are made in

Many new popups are made in dhtml...

At least when something

At least when something unexpected popups i know to ignore it, what annoys me more are full page ads where you have to find the continue button to see the article.

Some popups crash firefox unless you turn off the popup blocker – they repeatedly try and popup until you give up or the browser dies. evil!

USA Today pulls some nasty tricks when you click on articles.

What happens in your browser?


I use prefbar so I can disable and reenable at will

Hat Tip to Cutts for the tip

One example for those interested

Couldn't find the old script I used. Prolly lost in a drive crash about a year ago. This does something similar but not exact:

The one I had worked even with java disabled. There are several like this on dynamic Drive but none of them work with java disabled.

Then again most people don't ever disable Java. So I guess it's a moot point.

OK, let's solve this simple issue

If I weren't so lazy the solution is obvious to just build a personal proxy server and add a filtering layer to all HTML content so you could block anything you wanted prior to the content ever reaching ANY browser.

In one shot you could eliminate any type of pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials, you name it and they could be zapped from any type of browser.

Personal proxy server?

Try Proxomitron. Been using it for years, blocks anything and everything you want, bypass lists, fully hackable. There are lots more, but this one always quietly got on with things.

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