Alas, no iPorn


Remember we ran a post on the iPorn? - The porn industries expected move, spearheaded (oh dear..) by Suicide Girls' ipod content? Well, according to Larry Buhl over at Wired, the porn industry is giving the iPod a wide berth right now over fears of public outcry and a government crackdown.

"We can't blindly walk into this," said L.R. Clinton Fayling, president of Brickhouse Mobile, a Los Angeles company that is licensing adult material for mobile phones.

"We want to be conservative in investigating the opportunity of the iPod, to see how we can make money, what are the specifications, and what kind of safeguards are in place," he said.

When it comes to the iPod, Fayling said there are few rewards and many risks. Fayling emphasized the pitfalls of combining a device designed for younger audiences with content they are prohibited from viewing.

I can't say i'd fancy tackling the issue of adult content in the hands of minors either...


This is idiotic...

Minors can get access to free porn from any internet connection in the world but connect it with an iPod and all hell breaks loose.



am I the only person in the world who hates the thought of porn on ipods, phones etc? Basically porn is fine, ipods are fine, someone sitting next to me on the train watching porn is really not fine. There are quite enough strange men shuffling suspiciously at the end of the carriage on the last train home without actively encouraging them.

People, wake up and smell

People, wake up and smell the porn

I mean seriously this is just silly, it can't be stopped as it's already here!

>> someone sitting next to me on the train watching porn is really not fine.

All the portable DVD players can also play porn, and all the other portable media devices that just take any file you download into it. So a bunch of uptight puritans equate the name iPod with kids so iPorn gets a black eye.

Big whoop.

All the other portable media devices will still play whatever you convert and download into them.

Here's a few non-iPod models:

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