Yahoo! Trip Planner, Do They Coordinate with Google or What?


[update]Here's the Trip Planner Page

So $GOOG$ do some travel stuff and then, as sure as the east, along comes Yahoo! with a "trip planner" scheduled for later today. Good grief, do these guys coordinate their releases or what? Im not even kidding, they must do right..?

ahoo plans to debut on Wednesday new services to help people plan for trips. Yahoo Travel is launching a new Trip Planner Beta, which would allow people to create, tag, share and print personalized trip itineraries and add interactive maps and driving directions.

Ahhh.. create tag and share yeah, thought so...


Lovely, thanks Michel, it

Lovely, thanks Michel, it doesn't look half bad actually...

It annoys me

(on the copycat release front) I think its silly because the one who plays catchup usually apppears to have thrown it together for the sake of saying yeah us2.

Yahoo trip planer (beta)

Didn't think it's new, good to know.
bumped into it like a week ago - with the information and reviews I thought it's been there for a while.

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