How to Cheat Yahoo! out of a Few $$$'s

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Loophole into the Yahoo! Directory
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Barry Schwartz spotted a fun thread over at HighRankings detailing a way to cheat your way into the Y! directory.

Wonder how this sits with the more zealous "holier than thou" members over there? Smells like fruad to me... but like Barry pointed out, this wont last long so hurry hurry hurrry! while stocks last! :-)

Thanks Barry!


Same old same old

You don't actually think this guy is the first one to think of this method to defraud Yahoo, do you?

I doubt Yahoo will be closing any loopholes. It's hard enough to get them to change a real listing. Somehow I doubt the ease at which the original poster claims to get his listings changed.

You're most likely right Jill..

Yeah, i cant say that I've any impulse to go messin around trying to get y! to do anything on the directory lol...

I tried to do something once, i forget exactly what but man, it took hours of circling round automated messages on their phone system only to get to a human being who put me on hold and managed to cut the connection off at the same time!


quote : I personally think

quote :

I personally think that "SEO experts" like you are probably those having made SEO so hard, these days, with all your cloaking, google bombs, fake link exchanges, high-PR links sales etc....but you probably think that those are all legitimate methods of SEO...

dam he had me pinned to the wall on that one hehehe....

One day Jill i will come and post on your board just to see the warm and loving reponse I get from your following ;)

Hey, i found this trick sign 150,000 bloggs and you can rank :)

DaveN.. friend of Jill



WHere's that quote from Dave?


I post there from time to time. I even took on the whole board almost single handedly at one point TW Post

Actually, bar one bloke who was clearly dribbling as he typed it was all quite good fun and im always treated well over there whenever I visit..

Tell you what dave, me and you vs Jill and HR? :-)

In the thread on Jill's site

In the thread on Jill's site ... Jill picked it up and quoted it scroll down a bit you will find it...;)


Funny thing is...

That although i grizzeled about the state of seo boards in general yesterday there are some good ones out there. I'll put HR in that small group though it may surprise you to hear it from me :)

* they dont allow spam reports
* they're friendly
* they have some good topics now and a again

More suited to those new to it all but we've posted quite a few HR posts here too, weird eh?



Aww Dave...

You are more than welcome on HRF! We may not agree with your practices, but we would certainly be nice and respectful (I think!).

I did love when the fraudster called all the HRF mods/members spammers though. That made my day!

And thank you Nick. When I read that post of yours I kept thinking "hey we're not like that" but sometimes I know you don't always see your own board the way outsiders do.

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