Alibaba Completes Yahoo! China Deal


For the impressive amount of 1B$, Alibaba controls Yahoo! China and along with Baidu provides tough competition to Google's efforts far-east. spotted at

According to an agreement signed by Alibaba and Yahoo! China on Aug. 11, all of Yahoo! China's assets go to Alibaba, including its search technology, the website, its communication and advertising business, and, a Chinese language search engine.

Meanwhile, the two companies will work together in an exclusive partnership to grow the "Yahoo!" brand in China.

"Teaming up with Yahoo! will allow us to deliver a range of e-commerce services to businesses and consumers in China," said Ma Yun, chief executive officer of Alibaba.

Also found at United Press International

Anyone heard from Shak ?


Ni Hao

I'm here man, just getting ready to go visit factories in a city outside Shanghai all day, exciting stuff eh :)

And just to clarify, this is the completion of the merger/jv as such announced a few months back, and Yahoo is the one paying AliBaba $1 billion and handing over the Yahoo China business in exchange for 40% of the new bigger AliBaba.

I knew that title looked

I knew that title looked iffy :)

tweaked a bit for clarity...

xie xie

Thanks for the clarification Shak, I understand Alibaba focus is in commerce, Will Yahoo! (plus Yahoo! search) combination puts them on top of Baidu and Google?
China seems like fast-forwarding these days, bit noisy.

Have fun with the clay and rice merchandise.

I'm Iffy-nnocent - cited from here

Quite a bit of info and

Quite a bit of info and insight here Gilad


Thanks Nick (and sorry for the missing commas),
I guess while China keeps blocking and blocking, holdings from the inside of local leaders isn't a bad idea.

But who owns Alibaba? Is it

But who owns Alibaba? Is it the Japanese Company Softbank, which owns Yahoo Japan, Korea, and multiple Yahoo Europes.

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