SoonR let's you access your desktop from your mobile. Yes, it's yet another bubble2.0 company, yes it relies on a third party API for it's business model, yes you'll forget it in 10mins and yes, it will probably get funded by some VC with more money than sense.

It's kind of interesting though.


mobile hey?

I dont think this is going to work with my 4 year old Noka 8210 somehow :-)

catchy name generator has been working overtime again huh?

not wanting to be too picky, but have you ever tried accessing your desktop from a 4" screen? I had one of those Ericcson mobile/pda's once with remote access and after a week of playing I decided I couldn't do anything more useful than check my e-mails on it.

Really - if you need to connect to your desktop that means you need to be able to do something and you're not going enjoy doing it via your mobile buttons and squinting :)

The Windows guy at work can

The Windows guy at work can connect to the servers with his phone. No, it's not great but you can restart a few services fairly efficiently so I guess that's all you need. As a "shit the whole bastard lot has crashed" tool it's quite good.

I've done the same with my Debian servers once or twice. In fact I did so today while being pissed on by Yorkshire weather on my day off heh.

Nick, try it before you dis' it!

Full disclosure: I am involved with SoonR.

I read the first comment on this thread and realized that Nick has not tried SoonR. The Google Desktop Search integration (the dependent API he refers to) is but a tiny sliver of what SoonR can do. SoonR is all about having access to all the information that you have spent so many hours carefully crafting on your PC and LAN and then making that available on the device you carry most - your phone.

Yes, you do need a phone with a color screen and an internet connection. Have you been to a mobile store recently? You can get the phone I am describing for FREE with a service plan. On this FREE phone using SoonR, you will be able to use your Outlook email and calendar, access your photo collection, read documents, and share them in real time with your friends. Oh yes, if you can't find a document you need, you will be able to launch Google Desktop Search and then forward the document from your phone.

There are more mobile phones than desktop computers in the world. In many countries, users will first experience the internet through a phone. SoonR, is the beginning of what will become a new way of computing and communicating.

If you would like to learn more about SoonR, please try it out and then ask away. Just try it before you dismiss it as another web 2.0 product that will be gone in 10 minutes. I think SoonR will last longer than that. :)

In many countries, users

In many countries, users will first experience the internet through a phone

s/first/only/ and I agree.

IOW, you're right Song Huang and IMHO some future internet users will not even go through the PC stage, in stead they will only use their phone. It is still too early to say that widespread handheld interactivity is common, though - perhaps except from Korea.

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