Yahoo! MyWeb Bookmarklet & Blog Post Link


Below you can see a link to Yahoo! MyWeb2.0, it's a javascript link that will take the title of a page and prefill the Y! MyWeb window ready for you to tag and post.

You can drag to your bookmarks for a bookmarket, or grab the source code and put it in your template to let users tag your posts. You can see an example of the latter at the bottom right of this post.

  • Y! MyWeb - go on, click it, it won't bite!

See comments for a few issues that could be improved upon..



It bit me.

Im using ie6 and when I click that link nothing happens, other than the page itself becomes non functional. I hit the back button and the page is 'usable' again. No pop up, no javascript errors even, just a non functioning page.

Regarding Rob's problems

I've tested this myself on IE6 and FF, and both have worked for me. Rob, perhaps your Javascript security settings are not allowing this?

That sucks! Anyone see where

That sucks!

Anyone see where the problem is? source code

Just a stab, but maybe it

Just a stab, but maybe it needs an event? OnClick or something??

It's working now, but i've

It's working now, but i've had to drop the selected text going into the notes box on the popup

The one that works like that is here:

If anyone can make THAT one work in FF *and* IE - wonderful, otherwise, it'll work in both, but you only get the title prefilled...

cheers rob, not sure about the onclick...

Suggested tags

Useful bookmarklet. tested using firefox.
But there needs to be a comma between the tags chosen automatically.

That's not handled by the

That's not handled by the bookmarklet actually, so i presume it must work for yahoo...

Try MyJeeves

It has bookmarklets that actually work....

Thanks Kevin

Thanks Kevin,

Well, my javascript settings are set to enable...and security settings are set to medium..(Ok yep, M$ and security in the same breath funny I know)

Are you saying that Nick's original bookmark worked for you, or that the new one does, or both?

The 'new' less functional version works for me , but the original one does not.

Sigh..maybe I really should just dump IE.

It matters for Nick of course, as Im sure he has lots of IE users. Head scratching non functionality has a tendency to switch users off, so I guess its pretty important it works.

It takes me back to when I used to design and build for clients. A pet hate was having to go through the myriad of different browsers test test testing. Might explain why I seldom do it anymore :)

don't know how to post

don't know how to post javascript here:

Terminated request because of suspicious input data.

On the three links you posted Nick (first two are the same?), try using "escape()" in stead of "encodeURIComponent()" and replace "(function() {" (in the beginning) with "void " and just delete this part in the end: "})()"

Okay, Yahoo's got two versions here:

Save pages with the My Web 2.0 Bookmarklet

The My Web Bookmarklet lets you save any page while you're browsing the web. To install the bookmarklet: My Web 2.0 BETA - Tools - Yahoo!

Note how they seem to jump the technobubble-bandwaggon with the headline "My Web 2.0 Bookmarklet"? *LOL*

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