Google Local Rolls out BETA in Europe

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New Google Local Sites
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And in Denmark it's sucks worse than a sucky thing! I couldnt find pizza, driving school or supermarket in my local mid sized town (using the danish terms of course..)

Gary Price at SEW Blog has the scoop including credits for the find.


What IYP affiliates with Google?

I find it interesting that at the US & Canada Google used structured YellowPages data for their local services, Couldn't find reference to any IYP affiliate in the new european service (and what about the UK?...)

Eeew, it REALLY sucks

Gotta agree with you Nick.

It really, no wait.. REALLY sucks for Denmark. I wasen't able to bring up a single result on anything. Not even using Copenhagen, which is the capital here.

You would think...

that although it's marked beta they would at least make sure that it produces some results wouldnt you? heh....

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