Bringing OpenDocument to MS Office, OpenOpenOffice?

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With all the hubbub surrounding OpenDocument and its support in the recent release, the pressure is on for Microsoft to provide support for ODF in the new Office 12 release. However, after flatly denying they will provide this support, OS News reports that a small group of developers have decided to do it themselves, with OpenOpenOffice

I'm not sure how much of a success this will be though - I mean, bringing ODF to Office is a fantastic idea, but they seem to be wanting to do it with a C#/.NET <--apache--> SOAP kind of interface, instead of merely a hack to incorporate OO.o's filters in to Office.

But then, if you really think about the problem, a web service does seem to be the only decent way to do it...



MS is in for a rough ride with such "extensions" and they know it. Aren't they prepared, though?

With the new "let me investigate your hard drive in exchange for continuing support and updates" they have estbalished access with consent. Next the EULA will declare such third-party extensions prohibe, right? Or sell their own version for a nice fee, or add OpenDoc support to the NEXT version and justify continued $500 suite pricing for a few more years.

Thinking like a Judge.... OpenDoc is a workaround of the proprietary .DOC format MS built and maintains. I think it would be tought to defend OpenDoc under those conditions.... if you want open docs you can use Open Office.

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