280.6 Teraflops - It's a Record.


That's 208.6 trillion calculations per second to mere mortals like me. IBM's BlueGene/L supercomputer has now doubled it's own record to reach those staggering numbers.

Blue Gene's performance, while it has been under construction, has quadrupled in just 12 months.

Each person in the world with a handheld calculator would still take decades to do the same calculations Blue Gene is now able to do every second.

Together with it's partner 'Purple' "Their massive brains will be able to perform half a petaflop together - that is half a quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) calculations a second."

And to think that John Kerry got so many problems with flip-flop.


By the sound of its fans...

...my laptop is performing similarly right now ;-]


Maybe they'll be able to get it play something other than chess?

But it stilll takes BlueGene

But it stilll takes BlueGene 4 seconds to open an OpenOffice Doccument.


Imagine how many splogs you could create with THAT.

Is 'teraflop' really a word?

Is 'teraflop' really a word?


ter-a-flop n 1. (paleobiology) A fossilized cow patty from extinct American Mastadons. Said to be responsible for the popularity of the exlamation "Holy Shit" from the reaction upon spotting one, as in "Holy shit, will you look at the size of that sucker!" 2. (computer science) A unit for measuring the speed of a computer system. Said to be borrowed from paleobiology by those scientists who, for all their smarts, also couldn't come up with better names for subatomic particles than up, down, charm, strange.


It is an amount of flops (Floating point Operations Per Second). More info here. If you might have been looking for other flops, here is a good place.

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