AT&T have been in the news recently because of the merger with SBC. Do you think this is what is called search engine optimization.

I am not sure if everyone will get it. It is coming through from NY.



Euro - any feel for the numbers of people using a9 and/or image search?

Someone will probably jump on the guy now..

Seems to be a professor at the College of New Jersey. Wants to cover himself though.

There are very few opinions expressed on these web pages, but the opinions that I have expressed, either verbally or graphically, are not necessarily the opinions of The College of New Jersey or its lackeys.

Now you know. But he'll probably get fired.


Euro - any feel for the numbers of people using a9 and/or image search?

I don't see many referrers coming from A9 at all. In fact on a highly trafficed industrial products news site way less that 0.01% and from there is about 0.4%.

Strangely enough on a political blog this picture seems to have been requested through quite a lot in the last couple of weeks. it is on this page and is requested in quite a number of languages!


looks alot like the threadwatch T-shirt LOL.

I have a client site that does pretty well with gogle images, although it is a topic similarly visual to that T shirt (although non-adult). I don't know % but I know that any real-time traffic check shows 2 or 3 referrals per hour out of about 20 or so.

Curiosity appears to be good for image searches.


I think A9 is hysterical as they're just paving the same search aggregator path that Google will probably follow and ultimately swat them like a bug, not that they get used much in the first place.

One of my wife's ex-coworkers went to A9 and I personally think they deserve each other but that's another discussion for a different day.

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