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I have been watching digitalpoint and Linkvault schemes over the last year and have been surprised by the SE's lack of action considering those of you who remember Search King eposide. I thought Google would have slapped it down straight away as well to set an example. Quite often these days I go to examine a site backlinks and see they are ranking nicely with a mix from the coop etc. I currently have 1 site in there but am thinking of doing a ton more as I feel I missed the boat somewhat when I dwell on all the potential lost revenues.


I thought exactly the same,

I thought exactly the same, "too high profile ,will never last" been meaning to just try it and see, but too many other distractions.

Yeah, 8000 sites in DP now.

Yeah, 8000 sites in DP now. You can get a lot of links back to 3rd party sites too. The SE's let it get out of control now new schemes popping up all over the show. Squandered opportunity :) I also know one company that was recently bought for 100 mln that uses it to rank fantastically in travel SERPS. Their business model was adwords anyway so the rankings are a bonus.

These are lower profile than

These are lower profile than Searchking. One big difference is public perception: as soon as somebody successfull plastered the label on SK that it was "selling PR" it almost forced Google to do something highly visible in response. "You don't pee into the wind...You don't pull on Superman's cape..."

These networks have been relatively low key by comparison.

I think Google have been

I think Google have been simply taking the approach of devaluing various parameters that generally apply to such link schemes - sandboxing, link variation, semantics, authority factors, footer devaluation, etc.

Personally, I've seen the effects to be variable, and have actually been shutting down my DP Co-op accounts.

Google have been well clever

Google have been well clever with the latest algo changes but I would never put in a site thinking of Google, that is a bonus. Yahoo and MSN would be my first target. Just like blog spammers, G is a big bonus but concentrate on the other 2.

The effects are variable,

The effects are variable, old trusted domain = ok, new unknown trust domain = bad. I've been pulling mine down as well.

Linking networks

I think that Brian is right, the googlites have been trying to devalue the links from these link trading networks for sometime.

But like graywolf points out, some links do still carry some weight even after all googles efforts to devalue them.

Sooooo, I would think that more direct action by Matt and his team may be in the future. Of course, this last update 'J3' may well address the issue of link farms.

The compairson between searchqueen and dp/lv is not very accurate in my opinion.

BTW - Matt these month long updates really suck. I can't really do much (like figure out how to break it) till you guys are all finished with it...


Sorry to hear that, lots0. ;) But J1 hasn't been going for a full month.

Thoughts Matt?

Good to see you here Matt. Penny for your thoughts on the subject?

Ok Matt

Ya got me, it has not even been quite two weeks (so far) but it sure seems like a month to me. ;-)

From what I understand, don't offer Matt money, I hear food works much better... ;-)

> From what I understand,

> From what I understand, don't offer Matt money, I hear food works much better... ;-)

Yes, thats true. I once gave Matt a single slice of Pizza and BANG I was number one for Viagra for two weeks! I guess it takes a few more slices to stay there :)


have the phone number to the nearest Pizza Place to the 'Plex'? ;-)

Link Networks & Future "Targets"

The trend I've noticed is that Google tends to drop the hammer on people who are in the business, directly or indirectly, of selling PR.

Dp Coop - Free
LV - Free...but does offer paid options.

I would think a target that's more in line with what G has done in the past would be to target the text link brokers/sellers. They are essentially profiting from PR.

Pure speculation on my part, but I think G has already put something in place to devalue coop links to some extent.

I remember Matt talking

I remember Matt talking about footer links being devalued somehere. But now links are becoming static it is harder to detect. Also you can stick your links on crap site A and get links back to good site B. Much harder to detect.

As graywolf said on a trusted site it can work very well but on a new site it is just pants. Pretty much googles new algo. Trusted site fly to the top and any old junk links will do.

I've seen newer sites do

I've seen newer sites do particularly well with the help of Digitalpoint

There was an issue recently where Yahoo seem to have applied a penalty (possibly gaining too many backlinks in such a short amount of time) but again this isn't specific to DP.

DP gives quick rankings in Yahoo and MSN followed by Google (insert obligatory sandbox stuff here)

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