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I had breakfast with an Israeli this morning and he was telling me that Bill Gates was speaking on Google in a short visit to the country. I have now found an english version of his comments, Maybe Gilad can find more. In the meantime.. Shalom, mashlom kha? Kol beseder? Yoffi!

"We are not afraid of Google, but there is intense competition between us. Google is our main competitor, brilliant people work there, but Internet search engines are still in a terrible state compared to where they could be.

This is a situation that we hope will change for the better in the next six months. We are working on it, as are other companies, such as Google and Yahoo,"

Seemingly Gates was perfectly calm but got disturbed when questions about Google, Microsoft’s young, dynamic competitor. Gates said that Google wasn’t a player in Microsoft’s field, adding that it had copied some of its products from other companies.

”Their product line is rather narrow, and there’s nothing innovative about most of their products. The Internet is much less developed than it could be. Large investments by Google, Yahoo!, and us in this field is like a couple investing in their honeymoon,” Gates remarked. Gates believes that the mobile computer will eventually replace textbooks.

Hmmmm. Matt, he said there's nothing innovative about most of your company's products, the journalist in me wants to ask you to comment on the statement.


Gates visit

The linked review (English) is pretty good,
I won't link to the too-many Hebrew articles on the visit (eurotrash can tell you all about how we Israelis tend to be over-enthusiastic when we have the chance...)

Gates was In and Out in one day (didn't visit any Kibbutz... Nor Pub),

General points:

  • Met Israel's PM and economics ministers - (Israel's government Portal + many ministerial websites were recently moved into MS technology - based on SharePoint and MS-CMS...
  • Promised Microsoft will Aid with Israel's program for cutting down the Digital gap (allowing kids in need getting digital and web education)
  • Met Microsoft employees in Israel (The only meeting here that Gates seemed less relaxed, some even say stiff)
  • Met IT seniors and other Business-men
  • Gave an Interview to Israel's Channel 2TV, Talking about Google and stating SE got a long way of evolvement to be done (The battle only started)

Got to go for Gilad+Dog meeting with the Vet now.

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