Monetizing Feeds: Speculation on RSS Ads Grows

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Crossing the Line with Advertising in RSS Feeds?
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Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! talks about the enevitable onslaught of rss ads and how it will effect syndicated content and how it might be dealt with:

I've been thinking about this a lot in the last few months (big surprise, right?). I'm of two minds on the issue.

1. Publishers who depend primarily on advertising to make a living should offer two feeds: a summary-only feed without ads and a full-content feed with ads. That leaves the choice up to the user.
2. I don't want to have to choose between ad-laden full-content feeds and the pain in the ass summary only feeds. Anyone whose ever tried to catch up on their reading while on an airplane or train gets this.

There is already some early buzz about rss ad blocking which i think is an obvious path to take regardless of what form we eventually settle into with rss ads - with that in mind, from a search marketer and publishers point of view i think those of us that welcome the idea of another way to generate revenue for our sites will have to get smart.

Jeremy suggests that publishers provide 2 feeds, a summary feed that's ad free and a full content feed that has ads, though he acknowledges that it's unlikely to be adopted by the majority. I think text ads (untraceables) will prove a winner.

I can imagine monetizing feeds by linking content like intellitxt does for example. Or by placing leading/trailing ads that are tracked by landing pages that provide no footprint for blockers to target.

Whatever strategies emerge, one thing is clear: Unobtrusive will be key to not getting blocked.


no ads for me

If I remove them because they annoy me then *I wouldn't have bought their product anyway*; indeed I might boycott them because they bug me. Let me not see them if I am willing to do some work towards not seeing them; I wasn't going to be their customer anyway.

But if they have to be there, unobtrusive and *on topic* is the key!


>But if they have to be there, unobtrusive and *on topic* is the key!

Absolutely leadegroot, this would seem obvious wouldnt it?

Welcome to TW mate :) do use the "submit thread" or "blog it!" links top right if you come across the good stuff whilst out and about :-)


re: on-topic - gmail's ads ar

re: on-topic - gmail's ads are (obviously) on-topic, and I find them quite amusing. Possibly the novelty factor.

Thanks for the welcome - I'll keep my eyes open, but most of the good stuff seems to be right here :)

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