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Windows Vista 2006's Internet Explorer latest build has unveiled a number of much wanted new tools for the browser.

Microsoft unveiled a number of cool new features within its Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista. The built-in features eliminate the need for third-party search toolbars, anti-phishing applications and RSS readers.

Other improvements include Zoom, the address bar is now locked at the top of the window so that hijackers can't replace it with phishing or spyware substitutes, direct searching of multiple engines from the browser ala Firefox, Tabs, shrinking for printing and many others.

The site has screenshots of most of the enhancements and is worth a read.

There is also another article which says that IE7 will support the TLS (Transport Layer Security) by default and could impose websites to upgrade security systems.


the new Internet Explorer does away with toolbars

>> the new Internet Explorer does away with toolbars for the most popular search engines by integrating search engines from AOL Search, Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN Search and Yahoo Search directly into the browser

Expected move ,will have to wait to see how much this may help in increasing MSN's traffic.

So basically, they've only

So basically, they've only poorly replicated Firefox while failing to make hardly any improvements? Quick view of tabs sounds good but it's certainly nothing that would convince me to switch back from FF.

new features

The anti-phishing central database sounds good. Open source browsers ought to jump up and replicate that in some way. We've got blacklists for domains, emails, IPs, but the phishing one is the only one the non techie end-user might actually care about.

And the quicktabs feature sounds fantastic. Why has no-one thought of this since the meteoric rise of Exposé (et al) and Firefox (et al)? Those two features are certainly improvements - and are innovations within the arena. Thats good news.

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