Apart from deciding to take my foot of the gas just a little bit here in order to let some other members post :) i've had a sinus infection the last couple of days, with the whole of my damn face hurting - and a sick 10mth old to babysit today, tomorrow and thursday so do forgive the lack of posts please folks.

Normal service will not be resumed, it's a bit of a gamble, but ultimately, you guys know where the submit button is, and frankly, i'd like to see what interests folks other than me.

However, i am starting to feel a bit better, and im not stopping posting entirely, not at all, just not spending all day every day finding things to post here ok?

So come on, let's see some of the members at TW step up to the plate and give us something we can all gossip about eh?



Crikey, how rude...

I should point out that a few of the members here go waaaay out of there way to post stuff and it's those editors/members that have kept this thing going while i've been a bit poorly.

thanks guys, it's very much appreciated!

Get well soon

And we all know you just had one or three too many pints


will try

Hey Nick, hope you feel better soon! I have been trying to find something TW discussion worthy for about a week. Hopefully today I will finally find something. Get better. No more pints for you!

Get better

Done my bit, posted a story, now blow your nose and approve it :)

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