Reciprocal Links are Deader than Disco

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Reciprocal Links Are Evil!
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Yeah, I stole the title from TW member NFFC :-)

I really cant see why some seo's might still be chasing reciprocal links, most of the savvy seo's i know stopped that nonsense a year or more ago, but then i also cant understand the utterly senseless obsession some still have with PageRank...

This SEW thread looks like it might be a cracker. DBernstein kicks off with:

Ok if reciprocal links are bad and we should be trying to only get links to us how do we do that without buying them. Unless we create the most relevant site with the most bounty of beautiful content it aint going to happen. So do we all buy? Or do we develop the trading "one way" links network? Still sounds evil. We will never win when everyone buys links on these expensive networks. Once again the little guy can't win.

Any Ideas?

Fun and mayhem will surely follow as the debate kicks into gear...



Either have the best content or buy good links (either way you get non-recip. links). Without great content or a healthy link budget (or both, in a competitive industry) - good luck.

utter shite

Recips work fine for me. Got 4 people on it constantly getting them. I am not #1 everywhere in my sectors for any other reason

3 way linking

3 way linking is the way forward... Recips are Dieing slowly and weighing less these days

Natural Beauty

If all of your links were recips that would look "forced". If all of your links were non reciprocal it would look "engineered". If you have a mix of the two it would look "natural".

Here's a thought...

How about you actually GET natural links! ;)

? Reciprocal Links are still working fine

Just don't stick em where they are obviously reciprocal links. The problem that most people have is that they are still looking at links pages and links directories as being the correct way to go.

Linking Hell, theres gotta be a better way.

Well to be honest, after lengthy chats with a very good friend of mine, Im increasingly gravitating towards the GET real links school. Build something worth linking to, a tool, an article, a kick arse resource etc and watch the natural links flow in. The benefits from doing this are two fold. You'll build something worth having and might even build a regular visitorship that won't be so reliant on SE traffic.

Even if they aren't recip, the reality is that Its just too easy to build domains full of old bollox across multiple IP's with nothing other than cookie cutter content, whose primary raison detre is to act as link creation islands. It works too, and for as long as it does then people will continue to do it, especially in the more competitve serps. I think the algos could do with some serious tweaking that did things like reduced the effectivenes of mass same text IBLs, reduced the effectiveness of isolated footer links, reduced..oops I feel a why cant the SE's sort it out thread coming on ( Who was that who whispered in my earole that they could'nt really care less? ) I the only one who thinks that Disco is pretty cool?

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