Google DVR? Not Likely...


John Battelle points to speculation about Google entering the DVR space. This has *got* to be from-out-of-space-bollocks .. right?

The technicalities are mind boggling for a start, but also think of all the additional infrastructure they would need to create, this is just madness or exteme wishful thinking.

What next, a regime change with GoogleDemocracy?

Slashdot seem to have discussed it seriously though, maybe it's just me that doubts it ..


Given the article the other day...

Considering the article in the nytimes the other day I'd say it gells with their wish to rewrite content and build a bigger profile of everyone.

A DVR that lets you "Log

A DVR that lets you "Log In" with your Google Account before you begin your television watching would allow Google to serve up relevant ads

I'm not sure how much Battelle reached for this 'cause yeah, it's not much far off from what they stated in the Times article, they want a set-top box. Sergey et al, can't understand why ads aren't targeted on wired television.


>>Sergey et al, can't understand why ads aren't targeted on wired television.

'cept they are, of course, as they're shown during specific programmes.

Given that in a multi person household you'd always login with one account (no one would ever be bothered to change the account when you switched on) it'd have all the bad points of personalisation on a multi user PC. At least targeting by program means you have the demgraphic of the person actually watching, even if its not personally appealing to them.

I reckon an ad replacer which would let someone click a button if they never wanted to see a specific ad again would work though - if MacDonalds ever re-released that terrible "Sensible Sophie" ad I would happily pay just to have Google replace it with ads for [considers viewing habits, um.....]DIY Supplies, or even better, blank screen for 30 seconds.

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