Search Engines that Offer SEO Services {updated}

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SE's now offering SEO services?
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Interesting speculation on some some SE's (in lycos's case i use the term very loosely..) - namely Ask and Lycos that offer organic search optimization from the Search Guild boys and girls.

This one's been building steam since early yesterday and after checking with a few mates I've managed to confirm my thought that this isn't exactly new news. However, i cant seem to find a single thread on it either lol! So, let's have it out again shall we?

Could SE's providing SEO spell a death for the industry?



Jim Hedger has now picked up the story over at

There's a thread at IHY also.

There's a thread at IHY also.


and here it is, cheers Jill

I havent been over there in a while, dont be shy to drop their links when they're relevant :)



I *knew* i'd seen this talked about..

no idea why it hasn't had so much attention though so no baddie to bring it up again.

thanks Searchguild guys!

Search Engine Lowdown

Have just picked up the story aswell...

and now....

SERoundtable have some views worth checking out...

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