Lance Armstrong wins domain case


Two domain names containing (my emphasis) trademarked words were ordered to be transferred to Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong foundation, the SF Chronicle (and others) report.

The defendant didn't help himself by not using the domains, but there are 980 other domains registered with some combination of "livestrong" in the domain...


Targeting a foundation that

Targeting a foundation that raises money for cancer causes... charming.

Surely there should be a larger penalty if the only consequence is the domain is returned to it's rightful owner?

If he has a trademark on the

If he has a trademark on the name, he *has* to defend them. Otherwise, he essentially loses the right to forbid others to use matter what the cause.

It Does Not Help

their case when they are selling Lance Armstong "live Strong" bracelets and not giving the money or at least part of the money to his charity or any charity and are keeping all the money for themselves. As for "Two domain names containing (my emphasis) trademarked words"...there have been more than a few rulings in favor of domain owners with trademaked words in their domain names. Sorry I have no examples off the top of my head. In this case, by selling Lance Armstrongs own barcelets and keeping money that was intended to go to charity...these guys were just begging for trouble and are lucky they just have to turn over the domain names and are not going to jail.


Theoretically speaking

Theoretically speaking, it shouldn't make a difference if it was Lance Armstrong's charity, little puppy dogs or Bambi (and note that the info about selling unofficial bracelets was not in the original quoted story).

Be that as it may, I thought it might be interesting in various ways to people here registering domains. For example, the 8000 domains registered with Google in the name, including some quite high profile ones belonging to some who frequent these parts.

George Lucas registers the

George Lucas registers the names of all his characters/animals/ships/planets/movies before he releases the above info to the public just to prevent this.

We all have brilliant ideas or noble causes but if you're going to take it to the web buy your domains ahead of time... kinda a no brainer.

Looking in the mirror

Setting the use of livestrong w/i the domain aside - as i think that clearly crosses a line - ponder this line of thought ... with time this thread itself may rank for the term LiveStrong and/or Lance Armstrong within the search engines. Down the road it will run adsense based on those terms/content of this page (i.e. non-official livestrong ads). People may click this as a result, see the ads for livestrong bracelets, and thus the Nick makes some coin. Do you suggest since he made that coin off the LiveStrong term that he should donate that to the organization since he is making coin from this trademark?

Nick may be having us on, but..

...I don't think Logan that old Nick is making enough to feed a ferret from AdSense in total, let alone from any one thread.

Yeah, they can have all 50p

Yeah, they can have all 50p of it...


OK, bad example ... but take

OK, bad example ... but take a scenario that does. For example, um, Google. I'd venture to say $1m+ based on AdWords payments related to the keyword livestrong... based upon the trademark being used by livestrong and non-livestrong advertisers. What's the obligation to the org?

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