Microsoft, the Underdog

Possibly it's just me, but recently i've been warming to Microsoft more and more. Once an avid MS basher, I still am at heart, they're just such an easy and fun target, but Google have, at least in my mind, taken MS's long standing position of "uber-evil-corp" and MS have become the underdog.

All this talk of Microsoft's new thrust into live web based services has caused a strange allegiance switch, not that i've ever rooted for GOOG particularly, but i would have certainly cheered them on and boo'ed MS 4mts ago in any fight.

I want to see MS succeed with their live services. I want them to get their shit together with Search and steal significant marketshare from Google and I want to use those products.

How odd is that?


Microsoft develop software

Microsoft develop software and provide it for free - evil.
Google take other people's property for their own profit - good.

Glad I'm clear on that.

I'm not against Google - but they are clearly making some bad decisions of late. The Emperor is losing his clothes.


I have found in a previous working life that salespeople on all sides are quite happy to give you a better (Cutting My Own Throat) price if they are informed it will lead you away from a competitor. It's just how the software business works, LTV and all that.

It makes me laugh about the "scret hooks and apis". Do you think people bought word over wordperfect because of secret hooks? Do you think features based on super API calls were what took people away from Lotus 123? Or could it be Microsoft made software people wanted and Lotus et al .. didn't. No-one ever talks about the lengths MS would go to for their new windows versions to be compatible with the other vendors existing software. They would change the operating system so software would still run on it. Effectively meaning the other software companies wouldn't need to write a new version specifically for it. They did this for their customers and to ensure a base of software but you can't tell me the software companies complained about the revenue!

leading the pack

So, either I am finally being vindicated, or have I been a trendsetter all along ?

Here's a thought:

Contrary to the open sorcerers' claims that everything open source is superior, there must be value to what Microsoft produces because although open source alternatives exist Microsoft products continue to be one of the most pirated lines of software of all time. People *want* the stuff, even if they have to hack it and crack it. Why?

As for GPL, the viral nature is offensive. If it's truly free, then the BSD license should apply. I have no intention of honouring the GPL. If I can read it, I can use it. If you didn't want me to see it, then don't release it.

Finally, as compared to *g*, Microsoft has a plan and discipline.


Add $xx mil for the audio library for the visually impaired. I'm not sure I should reveal the number because it has never been made public.


So we should cry for Larry? On a feature for feature basis, MS SQL SERVER is a superior product. Microsoft targets product segments strategically and sells at prices that they feel are supportable. Lots of people on this board do likewise. Don't even start with predatory pricing. Oracle RDB can be had, on a 2 cpu Alpha, at $40K per cpu, or if you know where to look, $1200. The sales people know very little about the lower price, but it is a listed price.


What we see now with Microsoft on the web is very much similar to what happened with IE around version 3 plus: Suddently it seemed like, wow, finally they just got it.

As much as I hate admitting this now, being an avid Firefox user, the IE user experience back then was really an awful lot better than what Netscape provided. As a user you felt like you were being taken seriously for once. It was nice.

On the web, Microsoft is increasingly letting loose it's talent in the "dev sandboxes" (more on that in my post here). Microsoft people are not generally more stupid than other people, and some of the web devs they employ are really great developers (even though they use microsoft products) - that is: people that get it. So, we see some stuff from Microsoft these days that is generally just very good stuff.

... and of course it's very important to Microsoft (and Google, and even myself (said the dog)) to turn a profit at the end of the day. Bigger the better, even. That's not really surprising.

Disclaimer: As for "good " and "evil", I'm not religious, and business isn't religion either. Those that try to make it "religion" do it for one purpose only: To strengthen their own brand. Build in something that nobody can touch, and, well, they can't touch you. It's called marketing (or if you don't like fancy words it's "just BS and dang lies, that's all" [1]) and none of that's religion either.

[1] I have a formal education in Marketing, and a very good one at that, so I should know ;-)

Nitpickers bonus:
By stating that you don't do "evil" you aren't really saying that you do only "good" or even that you do any good at all. You are only saying that you will refrain from certain activities that are normally not the domain of a business anyway.

Someone other than an SEO thinks Google is Evil

Nothing that we haven't said before but it's making it's way out into the rest of the world.

Technology News: Commentary : Is Google the New Evil Empire?

If Google continues to misuse its growing power it is on the bullet train to the next evil empire, and unlike Microsoft or IBM, isn't in a market segment that changes slowly. Strangely enough, if Google slips, Microsoft is actually one of the best positioned to take their place (Yahoo being the other potential player) and, if this happens, this will be the first time anyone has ever come fully back from this kind of slide that we know of.

A respectable

I have to say that I feel the same, its great because for once there is some real competition amongst the giants and the ones who will benefit most should be us. I was impressed with the donation Bill made too 250 mill for Malaria research etc.

How odd is that...

Well, it propbably stems from you wanting to see if they can actually produce a useful, ORIGINAL service that they didnt *acquire* or bastardize from someone else.

Dont bet the house on it.

Out of your MIND!

Nick, you've been brainwashed, MS is pure EVIL.

Microsoft decimated the email industry in the 90s when they bought our runner up competition and about 18 months later released it as Outlook for FREE, they destroyed Netscape giving it away for FREE, tried to destroy QuickBooks with MS MONEY, taking a shot at Oracle with SQL SERVER (notice most of the SQL server competition is dead now) literally buried every SpreadSheet and Word Processor using special hooks into Windows for WORD and EXCEL the rest of us didn't have access to and I could go on and on and on.

BTW, have you been reading about MS planning to destroy open source by filing suit via their massive patent library which will invoke the poison pills in all the GPL licenses?

Now they're the UNDERDOG?

They can rot in hell for all I care and I'm very surprised you're falling for this crap.

Well ...

I definitely agree with Nick about the GOOG 'evil empire' but I can't complain as they are the ones sending me a paycheck every month ... not Microsoft.

I like MSN

Maybe its just my sector but I really do prefer their results and they don’t seem to have the massive swings and changes that is happening to Google right now. With Vista upcoming I suspect, in the interim, that they will concentrate on search, pull a few rabbits out of the hat and seriously worry Google. I'm sick of worrying what the next Google update will do to the serps so all power to them if they can break the dominance.

Go underdog!

Brian is correct, but if all that was all so evil why would a company as smart as $GOOG$ *do the exact same thing* over 10yrs later?

The only interest I have in $GOOG$ these days is to see what spin they'll put on their next evil move...that, and their space elevator :)

As an Apple user I probably

As an Apple user I probably will never get to actually use all the stuff M$ claims they are going to build because they will all probably be Windows OS only. So I can't cheer them on for any of that.

I certainly hope they can produce a successful search engine - I think everyone wins by having more top of the line search engines on the web.

MS played the underdog card

...against Netscape many moons ago.

It's a trick of the light.

Well, let's see - Microsoft

Well, let's see - Microsoft developed a bad name for itself in the 1990's by it's aggressive policy of trampling other people's rights and interests in order to dominate consumer markets...


While I agree with you I can't help thinking it is the meds talking ;O)