Want to Recruit Affiliates to Sell Your Stuff?

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Affiliate Recruiting
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Digitalpoint members thrash out the options available to merchants when they want to look to affiliates to sell their gear.

Tapanti gets the ball rolling with:

I have a great product that I’ve just started to promote for a client, and I would like to see some opinions on what would be the best and most effective Affiliate Recruiting method or procedure, viewing it from the Merchant perspective.

and some great discussion on the various ways in which this can be done follow. Nice stuff from the dp boys and girls..



There is tracking software out there:
groundbreak.com runs on your server.
kowabunga.com or MYAP is more robust but runs on their server
There is also the shareasale.com network which is parasite free and not expensive.

If you have a product/service that is needed try the following:
Use tracking software that the affiliate community is familiar with.
Offer the best commissions in your industry.
Offer long cookie durations or better yet "lifetime accounts"
Offer a datafeed to selected proven affiliates.
Hire an OPM that will keep your program parasite free and continually communicate with your affiliate partners.


When you have a proven track record you can then promote at ABW for a fee.


the densest info is here

funny thing, I didn't find much in that discussion you linked, but mrmackin's terse and wonderful response here crowned everything said there, by an order of magnitude, with a usable business plan and project strategy, served hot on a plate.

threadwatch - signals an order of magnitude more dense (and rising)


..is famous for short replies that say a lot - for him, that's an essay!

thanks MrMackin, good stuff..

and welcome to TW bluecorn! nice to see you out of lurk-mode :)

Do I get credit?

Do I get one blatant URL drop credit ?


Nah, you'll have to drop 'em as subtle as the house brick type type your used to MrMackin :)

On a serious note

The issue isnt whether the urls belong to members, but whether they are "highly relevant" or just a classic link drop on the flimsiest of reason.

Im all for good links going out of here which is why there is a little leeway, but just dont take the piss <--- not aimed at MrMacking who is a class geezer, just in general :)

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