Court Rules DOS Attacks Legal in UK


ZD Net has an odd legal story in which a teenager sent (I jest not) 5 million emails to his employer. The judge accepted defence arguments that since the firm's email server was set up for the express purpose of receiving emails then sending a flood of unsolicited emails could not be considered an act of unauthorised modification. "Case Dismissed"

Judge Grant told the court that "the computer world has considerably changed since the 1990 Act", and that there was little legal precedent to refer back to. He then ruled that DoS attacks were not illegal under the CMA (Computer Misuse Act).

It looks as if them highly paid lawyers need to think about clarifying the law here.


russians and eastern

russians and eastern europeans have not worried about the courts stopping their dos attacks for a long time :)

Why can't I help but think

Why can't I help but think that if some ex-employee of Wimbledon Magistrates Court had sent District Judge Kenneth Grant 5 million emails, then the verdict may have been a little different?

...Why can't I help but think

Firing up the mass e-mailer as we speak.


Just kidding of course.

good ruling


an act of unauthorised modification.

is not the same thing as DOS.

If *they* want to legislate it, then *they* must introduce appropriate legislation.

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