Yahoo! Beta's Revamped Mapping Service


The new look beta Yahoo! maps actually looks very, very cool. I don't use either service (google/yahoo) enough to form an opinion on who's is best, so i'll leave that up to you.

From the press release i know it incorporates a whole bunch of stuff including "multi-point driving directions, local content integration, larger main map and dynamic pan, zoom and re-center technology." and also that it integrates heavily with Yahoo! Local.


Local Events Browser

The Local Events Browser demo is a nice look at how the technology can be used to build applications.

I'm not sure where it pulls data from, but it looks to be accurate.

wow, i like it

Their maps UI guys are on the ball. Unlike that other company that takes forever to make impovements; if they make any major improvements at all.

I like it.

I like the yahoo interface and navigation.

I also like the Local Events Browser querty - it is a bit empty for NY though - good idea.

Hmmmm...what happened to the rest of the world??

No Australia, no Africa, no Asia....interesting map :-)

I liked it until the fricken

I liked it until the fricken thing crashed my browser (FF 1.0.4, OS X 10.4.2). Lost all my open windows/tabs, ARGH! It's a beta alright ;). And it's in Flash :-/.

On the positive: Traffic reports is an awesome can't live without feature. The HUD where you resize the window is cool. That's as far as I got. Looking nice, though.

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